What height is considered tall?

So you want to know what height is considered tall?

You have come to the right place if you are interested in what height is considered tall. We have provided a chart of what is considered tall below. The primary dependent variants are age and gender.

what is considered tall

And for Females, what is considered to be tall?.....

what is considered to be tall

The above images are taken from and are property of cdc.gov.uk

Have you often been asking yourself the question what is considered to be tall? Then just use the charts above for real information regarding height in both males and females. We have decided not to publish the heights after the age of 20 as beyond this age extremely little growth rates are found (unless an individual is following a height increase scheme or programme such as the famous - "It's not just genetics".

How to read the graphs

Check the age (of the specimen that you wish to consider to be tall or not) along the bottom axis of the graph. Move directly vertical upwards monitoring the height in the axis on thesides of the chart. You will see the different percentile lines flowing through the graph. For example, the 95 line basically means 95% of the population is smaller than this height, therefore only 5% (or 1 in 20 people) are taller. Simple?

Have a go yourself, see how tall you are compared to your age. If you are older than 20, please use the same age as a 20 year old. It is is likely you have not grown from this age. 

How to grow taller

Remember after the age of 20, humans can start to shrink in height, so it is advisable to follow the methods within the independant research article It's not just Genetics. These methods have been proven by health professionals and scientists to prevent shrinkage and help to promoted healthy growth.

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Remember to use the correct chart for male or female. Enjoy and find your answer to your ever longing question.... what is considered to be tall?
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