Types of Foot Pain

At some time or another, most people have experienced foot pain. The conditon of our feet is important to our physical and emotional well-being. Foot pain can be caused by injury or by infection. In order to avoid the discomforts from foot pain, we need to keep feet healthy, strong and comfortable. In this article we will demostrate some types of foot pain and treatments, but we do suggest you to go to see your doctor if the pain does not improve within a couple of weeks.

Foot pain may occur in any part of your foot which includes toe, forefoot, midfoot, heel, arch and bottom of the foot.

Corns and calluses are hard, thickened skin and are caused by irritation which usually leaves us with a painful and burning sensation. The skin is usually cone-shaped and has a knobby core. This type of corn can put pressure on the underlying thin skin and cause very sharp pain. Calluses develop on the bottom of the foot.
Treatment : Wear properly fitted shoes to reduce pressure and the friction on the feet which causes corns and calluses. If the corns and calluses are causing great pain surgical removal is necessary.

Ingrown Toenail is another type of foot pain which is corners of the toenail cutting into the skin and causing pain. The most common ingrown toenail occur on the big toe, but it can happen on any toe. It can be developed by wearing tight-fitting or narrow shoes that put too much pressure on the outside of the big toe. Trimming toenail incorrectly also can contribute to the risk of developing an ingrown toenail.  

Treatment . Soak the toe which has the ingrown toenail into the warm water. Then get the medical treatment to prevent infection. If the pain is unbearable do go to the doctor to get it checked.

Bunion usually occurs at the head of metatarsal bones of the big or little toe which is a painful swelling. A bunion is caused when the big or little toe is forced in toward the rest of the toes.

Treatment insert special designed material which provide extra cushioning in the shoe that can alleviate some of the pressure caused by bunions. 

Arch pain The term arch pain (often referred to as arch strain) refers to an inflammation and/or burning sensation at the arch of the foot. The plantar fascia is a broad band of fibrous tissue located along the bottom surface of the foot that runs from the heel to the forefoot. The planter fascia can become inflamed due to overpronation (flat feet) which causes the arch pain.

Others of types of foot pain information will be dedicated to you in our article section.
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