Tom Cruise Height

How tall is Tom Cruise you may ask. There are many circulating rumors on the net regarding this. Due to close resources that TallerHeels have to Tom Cruise we can reveal an accurate height measurement.

Tom Cruise Height - 5 ft 7.72 (172cm)


Tom Cruise HeightTake a look at this image. On the left Tom Cruise's Height appears to be less than that  of his wife, however on the right he appears taller. How can this be?

Over his career, much speculation has been placed on Tom Cruise's Height in the past. The photo suggests he may have.

As TallerHeels can not make public information about previous customers we cannot state whether Tom does in fact wear these, but leave you to judge the answer for yourself. 







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Tom Cruise type: Height Increasing Insoles

So, are you satisfied that you know the answer to the Tom Cruise Height debate?




Tom Cruise Heel Lifts

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