Are Taller People More Successful?

Why taller people are more successful? 

Today, we live in a society where height has never been so important. Take a small person going for an interview for a job position that requires authority. Is this person more or less likely to get a job than if he or she was taller? Research has showed that smaller people find it more difficult to show authority by appearance only and this is recognizable to outsiders which can be taken advantage of. In another example, take someone stood at a busy bar in an attempt to get served. Every day it has been seen that the taller person is more likely to be noticed than a shorter person.

Research strongly suggests that in a financial or social environment, on average - a taller person will have the most success. They appear to have more authority, can be trusted more and in general stand out from the crowd.

Growth of the human body slows down rapidly in the late teens to a complete stand still and once this has happened there is little that can be done to increase height naturally and safely. So what can be done for people who wish to be taller?

Due to demand a product has been made available in Western countries. These are simply height increasing insoles, called heel lifts that slot inside the users shoe to lift their body at the heel, making them appear taller. For many years people in the East have been using them to appear taller, with proven success. Prior to the availability of these heel lifts in the West, only celebrities were known to wear them due to advice from their personal consultants.

The height insoles are completely discreet and impossible to see outside of the shoe. This is what has contributed to their success around the world, especially for those looking for more confidence, a better social life and more authority in the work place. The insoles are also adjustable so that the height increase gained from them can be reduced or increased depending on the user’s needs. Due to this the user can slowly adjust the height of the insoles to gradually increase their height in an unnoticeable way. They also available in sizes that can be adjusted to fit any size of shoe, ladies or mens.


How shorter people can catch up

For those that wish they were taller, why not wear height insoles such as these....


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