Surgery for Height Increase

Height increase surgery is a complex process that has been performed primarily on children to correct disproportional leg lengths, which is also known as cosmetic limb lengthening surgery.

Surgery for height increase is referred to as a leg-lengthening procedure. It's done by cutting the tibia and fibula and attaching it with an external fixator device around the open bones. After the surgery each day, the bones slowly pull apart using the fixator device. By doing this, it will create a space in the bone and induce the growth of new bone mass to fill it. When the optimal or desired limb lengthening is achieved the lengthening process will be stopped. However, the patient will continue to use the fixator device till the new bones are solid. After that, through a small operation the fixator devices will be removed. Height increase surgery can go seriously wrong and have negative effects on you for the rest of your life.

We are working on bringing you examples of this, particularly in the far east where children have been forced into the surgery. Basically, the process involves breaking the leg bones at multiple points and inserting a brace so the leg bones grow longer. and all our medical professional advisers strongly recommend nobody to carry out this surgery, the implications can be serious. Only those people who have a medical problems such as a leg length discrepancy should consider it.



To the right, a patient's legs can be seen with metal frames attached soon after her leg extension surgery in a Beijing hospital August 7, 2003, China.

Even though this surgery is extremely expensive and carries risks, it is actually very common in China. In China, the surgery to increase height can help to improve job prospects or simply to give the patient a 'better look' cosmetically.

Incredbily, some law schools in China will only accept female students over 155cm and males students over 165cm.

It may seem that in this country, money can buy you anything. In western countries, such surgery may only be possible in severe cases of lack of growth. Instead of having surgery done why not to use the heel lifts to appear taller? We offer a huge products range to meet your needs.

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