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Shoe Lifts - Executive Height Insoles

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Sold in pairs
Consists of 2 layers
Total thickness 5cm (approx)

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    Shoe Lifts
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    Executive Shoe Lifts
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Adjust the thickness to your desired height increase with the included additional layer

Incorporates an air pocket, engineered to take exact compression and loading requirements for extreme comfort with no height loss .

Increase your height by approximately: 3-5cm (1.25 to 2 inches) using multi-layer adjustments

These are extremely comfortable shoe lifts - which mould to the shape of your foot.

Very durable with a long product life Can be cut to fit size of shoe required (see photo)  .

hey are also used to reduce pressure on the back and knees when walking. This is proven to effectively reduce spinal shrinkage with age.

Shoe lifts originated from East Asia where they are a phenomenon. Only recently they are becoming more popular in the Western World. The adjustable shoe lifts are worn for various reasons from attending social events for a more prominent appearance to wearing them for interviews. Some people wear them on a permanent basis whilst others for special occasions such as wedding photos or interviews as mentioned above.

It is advisable to wear the insoles without the additional layer and over time introduce the additional layer to your shoe. This will mean that a sudden height increase will not be so obvious to anyone else.

Health problems such Leg length discrepancy are a major part of our market, so if you suffer from this, these shoe lifts are likely to help you. Please browse our other types of similar insoles, we have the widest range available anywhere you will find.

Executive Edition Shoe Lifts - TallerHeels

Customer Reviews

"Nice insoles and does the job. They are good but the 'adjustable height insoles' also sold by TallerHeels are actually far better becuase they offer more scope for height and are slightly more comfortable."

Mr Robertson

"cured my leg length discrepancy problem! brilliant"

Trevor W

"loved it, use these for nights out"


"They work very well. Better than I expected."


"My husband loves them. Bought them for as a present (he's not very tall), but he wears them nearly all the time now."


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