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Premium Gel Heel Lifts

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Quick Overview

Sold in pairs (2 insoles) Can be used in either side of shoe

Precision engineered for comfort, appearing taller or correction of leg length discrepancies

Common usages:
Height incease insoles 
Leg length discrepancy shoe lifts 
Reduction of spinal shrinkage during movement 
Foot pain 
Back pain

  • Buy 2 for $31.49 each and save 9%

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    Gel Heel Lifts
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    Blue Height Insoles
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    Blue Gel Heel Lifts


Premium gel heel lifts

6 pieces of premium gel insoles including 2 main insoles and 4 additional layers for each pair. Includes an adjustable layer system - adjust the thickness to your desired height increase.

Increase the thickness of these heel lifts to approximately 2 inches (or 5cm) with multi-layers to adjust the desired height (some customers purchase two pairs to stack on top of each other, for double height).

Height for each layer:  

Top sole: approx 2.0cm (0.87incg)
Middle layer: approx 1.6cm (0.62inch)
Bottom layer: approx 1.4cm (0.55inch)

Extremely comfortable - bee comb gel designed layer offer maximum comfort for your feet.
Durable - made from a premium gel specially engineered for the prupose of moulding around your feet for extreme comfort.
Designed to fit shoes of all sizes (unisex)

Why is this better than the standard gel edition?

Comfort was at the forefront of the design process for these insoles, they just have to be worn to feel the comfort that they offer. The unique bee-comb gel design offers exceptional comfort which moulds even better around your foot. Further, these insoles are more discreet than the standard gel edition as they are designed to appear as a normal insole inside a shoe from when viewed from above (as they appear placed within the shoe).

Customer Reviews

"Quality. I didn't know what to expect when buying these lifts but it was definitely worth my while doing so. Great invention and product."

Ms Stone

"Worth the extra money to go for this one, very good value."


"Use this product only for social events, nights out, clubbing etc.. for which I look taller and go home with comfortable feet and knees!"

E Nguyen

"I have these lifts they are really comfortable but after a lot of wearing the sock lining wears away but comfy love that extra 2.2 inchs and wearing shoes 3.2 inches over everyone"

Kian James

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