Posture Corrector and Height Implications

Why correct our posture?

Again, it may seem like perfect posture is an elementary thing. You may have heard your mother a million of times telling you to stand up and sit up straight whatever you are doing. If you are very obedient to your mother and are now experiencing the good effects of proper posture, then, congratulations! As what others said, that obeying the parents can make your life longer. It is because proper posture is very important for one's health.

But for those, who are just like anyone else, being stubborn and continued to ignore their mothers' repeating words to 'straight up', don't worry. It is never too late. There are already innovations, scientific innovations made to correct one's posture. They call this item posture corrector.


So what is the posture corrector?

A posture corrector can help pull the shoulders back and thus it will decrease the slump of your shoulder. It will also align you shoulders, truck, neck. Truly, posture corrector corrects improper posture thus resulting to proper posture. I am not telling a tongue twister or a quote here. But these are the simplest terms to make everyone remember what a posture corrector is.

The posture corrector, just like braces, are also helpful to everyone. Well, it is because most of the people having poor posture have hectic schedule and thus, they don't have time to do those complicated exercise. For these group of people, exercising is just time-consuming. And so, the answer to their problem would be the posture corrector.

With the help of the posture corrector, it can help the user to stay straight while sitting or standing. Herein, the back is straight. And as mentioned in the previous paragraph, your shoulder, neck, truck and waist are aligned. The usual command 'stomach in, breast out' will be easily done with the help of posture corrector. It will not make the user feel tired and forced to straighten up. But instead, it is very comfortable that the user will forget using it.

And for other group of people who don't want to spend   single penny, then, do the simple exercise. Stand or sit against a wall.Let the wall straighten your back. Continue doing this until you will get used to the 'straight' theory.

Another simple thing to do is with the use of a chair. So you keep your hands rested on your thighs. And then, your shoulders must be kept straight and move your shoulders in a slow motion inward, or simply, backwards.

Now, even if you prefer to use the posture corrector, just don't forget to do the simple posture enhancing exercises. Plus, eat those calcium rich foods. Remember, the best things in life are free. You don't have to buy those expensive gadgets just to have the proper posture.

Alternative methods of looking taller

Althought posture is key to achieving a good height, heel lifts such as the one pictured below are becoming increasingly popular for height increase.

Heel Lifts for leg length discrepancy

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