Human Growth Hormone benefits

Human Growth Hormone

Unknown to many, the benefits gained from human growth hormone (HGH) are under estimated. Most people associate HGH with only growth of bones (essentially height increase) and muscle. Although this is true to some extent, there are many other benefits that can anyone can reap.

In fact the main point to consider here is that HGH can have little effect after the age of adolescence on increasing height. This means that the human body rapidly decreases its output of the hormone to almost a negligible amount compared to pre-adolescence. Humans were never designed to live as long as we do today, so HGH production after adolescence and the peak of our lives plummets.

How can we naturally increase our growth hormone production?

HGH is produced and secreted by the somatotroph cells within the lateral wings of the anterior gland and is a is a 191-amino acid, single chain polypeptide hormone. It has recently been discovered that our natural levels of secretion of the hormone can be increased somewhat with specific methods.


Including certain proteins within the diet is one such way to possibly increase hGH. Amino Acids are essential, however a large amount needs to be consumed to have any benefit. Whey protein drinks are an excellent. These are considered to be the exact synergistic nutritents of proteins to promote additional release of growth hormone for an average adult wishing for growth in height or leaner muscle. In must also be stated here that vitamin B6 and C are essential for the metabolizing protein and also should remain an essential part of the diet. Watch out for grow taller pills and other scams such as mouth sprays, these are rediculous and offer no value whatsoever. 


Certain activities have shown to increase levels of growth hormone production the most importing being vigorous workouts. This can include weight lifting, sprinting and certain sports such as basketball. Training at high intensity (not necessarily for long periods of time) is hugely beneficial with levels of HGH increasing within 30 minutes after such exercises. This kind of exercise is not for everyone and if in doubt you should consult your doctor before attempting such exercises.

The primary benefits of HGH

Loss of wrinkles and cellulite

Prevent loss of brain capacity

Reduce the aging process significantly

Stimulate serious muscle growth (if undertaking bodybuilding)

Better mood

Reduced recovery times from injury

Improve cholesterol levels

Improve eyesight

Hair loss restoration and re-growth

Return of youthful energy

Better sleep

Improved sexual drive/ potency


*A medical professionals view*

For a comprehensive guide, based on the view of medical professionals; an award-winning journal is available for download. The information contained within this journal is the result of recent medical research and has been proven to have a positive effect on height increase in humans. Please click here download the award winning medical journal.

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