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Foot Ache and You

Foot AcheIn the average person’s lifetime feet can support our own body’s weight and travel over about 161000 kilometers. They allow us to balance, stand, move, walk and other activities. Therefore the condition of our feet is extremely vital to our emotional and physical well-being. Nowadays, Millions of people across the world are suffering from foot ache. It is a very common problem that  can leave us pain and even cause deformation of foot.

Top Foot Ache Causes

The most frequent causes of foot ache have found to be:
  • Skin and toenail problems
  • Shoes that don't fit correctly
  • Long duration of walking, running, standing
  • Foot disorders
  • Walking gait
  • Foot injuries
Bad fitting shoes can easily cause foot ache. Many people who shop for shoes put style above comfort, therefore wearing a bit bigger or wider shoes seems normal for us. However, unfitted shoes can cause walking discomfort or sometimes can cause foot ache. Buying the right shoe is an investment in good foot health and can dramatically reduce any foot problems you may have. Ideally, we suggest that you would never wear shoes that are too small, too tight or too high. But occasionally if you must have such shoes, wear them as infrequently as possible otherwise you will increase the risk for foot ache and other problems.

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Foot ache insoles

Tips for Buying right Shoes 

Use the socks or hosiery you plan to wear regularly with the shoes when you try them on. ü Don't buy uncomfortable shoes. Try on both sides of the shoes and walk around, to see how the shoe feels. If the shoes are not comfortable,they can make you miserable and even seriously damage your foot or another part of your body. some of the population have one toot is slightly bigger than the other, buying the size that fits your larger foot. To make the other foot comfortable you can choose some insoles offer great comforts.

Some foot ache cause by skin and toenail problems

A number of people are suffering from athletes foot which can cause the skin to flake, itch, crack and burn. The worst situation will be effecting walking and  causing the foot ache unbearable. Simple treatment you can do is that try to keep feet clean and dry everyday. Wear cotton socks to help absorb moisture and discourage fungal growth. Do not crutch while feet itch, you can press the itch part of the foot to feel better. Use anti-fungus powder or solution. Here we can suggest you a secret method of getting rid of athlete’s foot. It is a old traditional Chinese method and it has been proved very effectively. Use either the Chinese white vinegar or the black vinegar to bath your foot. Pull a large amount of vinegar in a basin that you can put your whole feet flat in the it. The amount of the vinegar should be able to cover your ankle. Bath the feet in vinegar for 1 hour everyday for 7 days, you will see the result yourself.
Ingrown toenail is corners of the toenail cut into your skin and cause pain. Especially when pressure is applied to the toe. Ingrown toenail is another cause of foot ache. By treating this you can soak your toe in warm water and get early medical treatment to prevent infection.

How does walking gait cause foot ache?

Walking gait when you walking on the street have you notices others walking gait or walking posture? The shoe heels can indicate whether the person in them are walking in a correct and healthy posture. Bad walking gait can cost more on repairing shoes or buying new shoes, but it can leave us the nasty foot ache. Much foot ache is and can be caused by the way we walk in daily life. If you are already having walking gait problem you should go to see a doctor and get advices. There are some new invention called orthotics which can prove to be the answer to many foot ache problems. Orthotics are inserts put into the shoes, made up from impressions of your feet and to straighten and correct the alignment and way in which your feet work. Foot injuries can give us long time foot ache and sore. Especially for the older group of population. The older we get, the feet are more prone to injury because of poor blood circulation. By doing some of the following suggestions you can protect your feet more. Ø
  • Massage your foot every day. 
  • Use properly fitted, good-quality shoes. 
  • Try not to stand for long periods of time.
  • Do not expose your feet to extreme temperatures.
Caring for Your feet and be away from foot ache problems. Proper foot care also includes foot maintenance. Here are a few things you can do to keep your feet healthy and prevent problems as well as keep your whole body in a good health.Starting with giving your feet a hot water bath everyday , the reason of doing it is to reduce the foot ache and keep your body blood circulation running smoothly to prevent many illness such as heart problem, period pain, and ect. If you can get some chinese medicine to bath you feet please do that will give you unbelievable relaxation effects on your feet and body. Keep your feet dry and clean everyday, change socks and air out the shoes to prevent fungus infections. Relax and rest your feet every day for as long as you can afford. Massaging feet is extremely beneficial for reducing foot ache and whole body relaxation. Simply press the nerve point by checking the foot map of each foot or use foot massager if you are lazy.
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