Exercise to promote growth

Despite common perception, exercise can have an influential and direct affect on the amount of growth hormone secreted from the pituitary gland. Not only does exercise have this amazing benefit, certain exercises can help promote bone length lateral growth. This is why it is essential to understand which type of excercises are key to height increase and master them. As with all height increase programs, the younger the age started, the better although this information can help anyone, at any age - even after puberty. Please read our disclaimer before reading more further.

exercises for growth

Stretching to grow taller

Regarded as the number one method to aid height increase is stretching. This is good news for anyone who wishes to grow taller because it is available for anyone to do at no cost. For optimal growth advantages to be gained, it is recommended that stretching should be carried out for 3 consecutive days with 1 day rest, repeating this for as long as possible.
 Grow exerciseSo how does stretching enable someone to grow taller? The answer, as expected lies within the muscles and ligaments. The everyday tension within our muscles is constantly restricting the free lateral growth of our bones. This is particularly true for the femur (the longest bone in the human body - that of the upper leg). By stetching the muscle around the bone is allows the loosening of the muscle fibres and reduces tension which is essentially compressing the inner bone. Muscles are incredibly powerful for their size and the tension that is generated from them is transmitted through the bone. Although this temporary tension is essential, due to its ability to strengthen the bone what comes after is more important. By this we mean, that during periods of rest, such as sleeping (when growth hormone is released at his highest level) the bone is allowed more freedom to develop with less tension holding it back. Although this may sound unconvincing, it can not be under estimated how m 
uch influence this unwanted tension can have on the lateral development of bones. The key point here is the the length of our bones are the primary factor of height determination.
The vertebrae within our spine also plays a large contribution to our height. The small spaces between our vertebrae allow room for disc annulus. See below.


Exercise for growth

This disc annulus has the ability to increase and decrease in thickness depending on a number of factors. Such factors include hydration levels within the body as a whole, compression of the spine, nutrition and genetic ability to develop. Stretching exercises allow the discs to develop properly by dereasing the compression between them and again, 'freeing' them up to promote natural growth. A point to note here is that compression of the discs occurs throughout the day when walking, running or even standing. when we sleep they return to their original thickness. People usually lose around half an inch between morning and night, only to regain it again the next morning. To reduce this problem, heel lifts are designed to combat this, by offering absorbtion from shock waves when walking. Also as mentioned, nutrition can help redevelop and increase growth of the discs, one of the most important substances being glucosamin and condrioten. This is useful anyone who wants to apply exercises for growth.
By promoting the growth of the discs within the spinal column people are literally able to grow inches. The spine is the longest part of the body which can be influenced the most (without surgery). Remember to be safe, the spinal column is also essential to your health - so never carry out exercises without consulting your personal health specialist.
Inversion tables

Growth Exercise Table

A simple device which can be used to help with stretching is an inversion table. This can help release tension between the discs and vertebrae. Please contact us (using the link at the top of the page) if you wish to purchase one so that we can advise you. It is essential you purchase the right to obtain the benefits it can give you. Other advantages of using these mechanisms include increasing the blood flow to the brain and releiving back pain.


High intensity exercises
Research has found that high intensity exercises can also improve levels of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) within the blood. Such exercises include sprinting, short distance swimming, weight lifting and power cycling. The type most suited to a person depends on each individual, so weightlifting might not work for some, but sprinting would. In general if you feel comfortably doing that particular exercise and feel the desire to continue doing it, the brain will release the required hormones you need. So far no real evidence has been found of slow low intensity activities increasing hGH levels.
Experts who know more

For a comprehensive guide, based on the view of medical professionals; an award-winning journal is available for download. The information contained within this journal is the result of recent medical research and has been proven to have a positive effect on height increase in humans. Please click here to download the award winning medical journal.

Growth Insoles


Exercises for growthWhy not try these heel lifts to look taller. These new inventions can be shipped overnight and are worn by more people than you think.

Height Increasing Insoles

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