Cure and prevention of foot pain

If you have reviewed other articles on, you may already have some knowledge on the types of foot pain.
Nearly 98 percent of the population across the world are born with normal feet. Some people eventually suffer from varieties of foot pain by adulthood. Usually the common foot pain that most people experience is caused by improper care. Therefore, it is paramount  that we should take care of our feet and prevent them from suffering pain which may lead to irreversible foot problems.

Our foot is one of the most complex parts of the body, consisting of 26 bones connected by numerous joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The foot is susceptible to many stresses during all type of activities. Foot problems can cause injury, pain, or inflammation, resulting in limited movement and mobility.

Many of us already know that un-fitted shoes can cause many problems to our feet.

Tips for Buying Shoes

When you shop for shoes, what comes first in your mind, comfort or style? Many of us who shop for shoes put style above comfort. Unfitted shoes can cause many foot problems and leave us in discomfort. Try to follow these tips to buy the right shoes for you and your family.
  •        Don't go shopping for shoes in the morning, as at the end of the day our feet tend to swell. Do get shoes later in the day.
  •        Try to avoid very high heels. Clogs, platform shoes which puts an unnatural weight on the front part of your foot .
  •        Try on both sides of the shoes you like and walk around to see how comfortable you feel in them. If you have one foot that is slightly bigger than the other, buy a size which fits the bigger one. DO NOT buy shoes that you have to "break in."
  •         Use the same guidelines to buy shoes for children. Avoiding using hand-me down to save money, as your children may find the other child shoes are not comfortable.


Caring for Your Feet

Caring for your feet is also a way of prevention of foot pain. There are a few things which you can do to keep your feet healthy and prevent problems.

 Keep your feet clean and dry, change your socks and air out your shoes to prevent fungus infections. Rest and relax your feet every day especially if you wear high heels everyday. Do have daily hot foot bath which helps increase the circulation of blood in your feet helping them to repair at the end of every day. Some people are mistaken about he purpose of having foot bath, confusing it with washing the feet. After foot bath giving your feet a massage either just with your fingers or foot massager that will help you relax more.

In order to avoid ingrown toenails, clip your toenails straight across, leaving nails a little longer than the tips of your toes.

If you notice problems with your feet, get it treated by your doctor right away so it does not get worse.
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