Do you suffer from Achilles Pain?

If you do suffer from pain located at the Achilles heel, it is likely that this is called by the medical condition: Achilles Tendinitis. This is the painful inflammation of the tendon.

Achilles Pain Treatment

Achilles PainAchilles Pain can be treated very simply. The recommended solution by medical professionals is a simple 'increasing insole'. This insole reduces the tention on the tendon during walking or even sitting. It does this by reducing the extension on the tendon and allowing it to repair very quickly. This is essential to prevent long term damage beyond repair. Achilles Tendon Support

Achilles pain sufferers are recommended to wear a support. A review of the market shows no better support than the 'air' cushioned increase insole. These insoles provide additional longitudinal and lateral support cushioning Ideal for patients seeking a solution for arch support for prevention and treatment of achilles tendonitis.

See here for a full list of orthotic insoles.

Achilles PainThe Achilles tendon is one of the most important parts within the human body. It is severely under estimated in how important it is in our every day lives. Damaging the Achilles tendon could result in a person having to use crutches or perhaps even be made wheelchair bound. This is why it is essential that if you feel any Achilles pain whatsoever, measures should be taken immediately to relieve it. This could prevent permanent, nonreturnable damage.

The Achilles tendon is located at the bottom of our calf muscle (castrocnemius), as it connects to the calcanues bone (the heel bone of our foot). If you feel discomfort in this area, you are likely to be suffering from achilles tendomitis - a condition of achilles pain  that will only worson unless treated. "Treatment is recommended immediately" - a leading physiologist Dr Effenberg of USC University Hospital, Los Angeles stated upon telephone interview. "I see a lot of patients who come to see me regarding pain of the Achilles tendon and nine times of of 10, its caused by gradual over straining during movement. Participating in sport  certainly contributes to this, but even just walking can create this problem." Dr Effenberg goes on to say "Achilles pain if not treated promptly can be disastrous, any signs of pain should be alleviated by increasing insoles."
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